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What Is Psychedelic Integration?

A psychedelic experience can be life changing, but psychedelics alone won’t necessarily change you or your life. That’s where psychedelic integration comes into play. It’s the process of examining your journey and experience, digging into this material to find the lessons, and then acting on them.

Most of the benefits gained from psychedelic journeys occur after the initial effects wear off. Following this amazing experience, it may seem as though anything is possible and that lasting change is inevitable. This is certainly possible, as psychedelics promote neuroplasticity in the brain, providing fertile ground for new habits, thought patterns, and attitudes.

The days and weeks following a psychedelic journey are critical, and psychedelic integration coaching provides a safe, structured, nonjudgmental environment; where you can take the possibilities that were revealed to you during your journey and begin to actualize them.

If you have taken psychedelics and are frustrated because things aren’t changing the way you’d like, integration is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Commonly Used Psychedelics

Ayahuasca is a South American psychoactive and entheogenic brewed drink traditionally used both socially and as ceremonial spiritual medicine. It is primarily used among the Amazonian natives.

The Peyote is a small cactus native to Mexico and southwestern Texas, it contains psychoactive alkaloids, particularly mescaline. It is used in religious ceremonies of the Native American Church.

The San Pedro cactus, also known as huachuma, is native to the Andes Mountains at 2,000–3,000m in altitude. Among other active ingredients, it contains the psychoactive compound mescaline.

Lysergic acid diethylamide, also known as acid or LSD. It is a synthetic psychedelic and produces visual and auditory hallucinations. Effects include intensified thoughts, emotions, and sensory perception.

The Amanita Muscaria, known as Fly Agaric, is also often used in shamanic rituals. Among other active ingredients, it contains the psychoactives ibotenic acid and muscimol.

Psilocybin or Magic Mushrooms grow naturally around the world and could be found even in public parks. The key substance is psilocybin, but during digestion it converts to the psychoactive, psilocin.

Who Benefits From Psychedelic Integration Coaching?

The people I work with generally fall into one or more of a few categories, and these tend to be people who are:

● New to psychedelics and are looking for reliable answers about effects, safety precautions, preparation and integration.
● In distress after a psychedelic experience: anxious, irritable, confused, depressed or frightened.
● Confused about an experience, the meaning of things they saw or heard, what it was trying to teach them, and what to do next.
● Just looking to deepen their understanding of the lessons of one or more journeys.
● Stuck at a certain level and/or wanting to go deeper in their entheogenic work.
● Interested in techniques that may help them address blocks or deal with childhood and past traumas.

What Happens In Integration Coaching Sessions?

If you are in a state of unease the first thing we’ll do is get you grounded. We will work together to uncover the reason you are feeling the way you are, and there is a reason. If you feel unbalanced just know that you have some work to do, but you’re going to be okay.

Should you be unsure about what the lesson was in your journey (and there is always a lesson) I work with you to illuminate, clarify and deepen your understanding of the insights you realized. A particular image, sound or sensation might mean one thing to you and something completely different to someone else. The challenge is figuring out what these things mean to you, and how they apply to your life. Psychedelic integration provides context to the content of your experience.

If you’re looking to go deeper in your work we will talk about techniques that can assist you in “reprogramming” yourself in order to heal trauma, develop healthier habits and thought patterns and change your relationship with troubling thoughts or memories. The effectiveness of these tools can be greatly enhanced when used in conjunction with psychedelics.

For those planning their first encounter with a psychedelic we learn about strategies for staying grounded and navigating the psychedelic landscape. We’ll talk about what to do if you encounter something unexpected or upsetting. And if you are just researching we can discuss generalities about the psychedelic state or other altered states, the differing effects of various substances, as well as any potential health risks. We’ll also go over the importance of preparation and integration, and how to make the most of any psychedelic journey.

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